After almost 10 years in the wilderness, TVR is back in British hands after Surrey-based entrepreneur Les Edgar bought the company “lock, stock and barrel” from Nikolai Smolensky. But who is Les Edgar and what are his plans? We called up to find out.   Edgar made his money as a computer games developer and now […]

TVR sold back to Britain

Former owner tells Autocar that the rights for TVR parts and designs have been sold back to UK interests, sparking rumours of a comeback   Rights to make TVR cars and components, to use existing designs and manufacture components for existing cars, have been recently sold back to British interests located near London, according to their former […]

TVR through the ages

TVR could be back after it was revealed that key elements of the company had been sold to UK-based interests. Scroll through our picture gallery for all the previous standout TVR cars     Recent developments have suggested that TVR could be back, after the former owner Nikolai Smolenski told Autocar that the rights for TVR’s parts and […]